Why Choose Us

Exterior Insulation& Finish System(EIFS) ElFS is an insulating, decorative and protective finish system for exterior walls that can be installed on any type of construction, both on newly constructed or existing buildings. It is the only exterior wall covering that insulates and provides weather protection in a selection of shapes, colours and textures that can replicate almost any architectural style or finish material or stand by itself as an architectural finish. At ConstructART we are highly acclaimed in the EIFS industry for our innovative approach, we have helped many customers reduce cost and structural requirements and increase energy efficiency by offering EIFS alternative to other cladding types like Brick, Blocks, Limestones, Metal Panels and even wood sidings and panels, we have developed an exceptional level of artistry and mastery in simulating almost any cladding or finish type with EIFS. ConstructART is recognized as one of the top ElFS installers in the construction industry today. We are certified to install all well-recognized ElFS manufacturers' products, and our installation experience includes many projects located throughout Ontario and other parts of Canada.

  • Foundation Repairs

    Crack injections, block repairs, grout pump

  • Re-Coat or Replacement

    Replacing existing crumbled traditional parging
    with acrylic system

  • Waterproofing

    Stop leaks, walls, floor, roof coatings