Parging Services – Foundation & Crack Repair

Foundation Repair, Crack Repair, New Coat, ReCoat, StoneFlex

We remove and replace failing parging or just add parging to exposed foundations, be they standard block, irregular block, brick, stone or we even parging exterior insulation.

We have also done quite a few interior parging jobs on old stone basement foundations or inside of garage walls.

We don’t just coat the foundation though as some do (this doesn’t last long as expected)

We only apply the Pro Parging System. You can consider it a permanent improvement.

1- Scratch Coat
2- Fiber or Wire Mesh
3- Finish Coat

Parge coat is a thin coat of a cementitious or polymeric mortar applied to concrete for refinement of the surface. The typical parge coat is 1/32″-1/16″ in thickness; this may be less than the minimum thickness allowed by many mortars types.

The intent is to create a contiguous surface by filling surface air voids and bug holes (eliminating bug hole-induced out-gassing) and to a level suitable for top coating with a high-performance protective coating.


Service Areas

Niagara Falls
Fort Erie
St Catharines

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