Brick Grinding, Brick Tuck Pointing, Brick Replacement Services by  ConstructART

Are you facing some wet spots or water leakage in your Commercial Building(s), Rooms, Offices, Condos or Private Houses?

Brick Services We Offer:

Chimney Repair
Brick Repair
Brick Grinding,
Brick Pointing,
Brick Replacement
Brick Washing
New Brick / Re-Brick
Tuck Pointing
Lintel Installation

Service Areas

– Niagara Falls
– Fort Erie
– Welland
– St Catharines
– Lincoln
– Grimsby
– Hamilton
– Burlington
– Brantford
– Oakville
– Mississauga
– Toronto

Our experts will come to visit your site for inspection and provide you with a FREE OF COST ESTIMATE FOR BRICK POINTING and other Brick Works.

Not only this, but they will also give you Cost Free Consultation and guide you whether you actually require Brick Pointing and Brick Grinding Services or not.


Brick Pointing Process:

Our Rigging Installation Services are according to the requirement and condition of the building. The 3 quarters of an inch (¾) Brick Mortar Joints are grinded deep through Diamond Blade Cutter. If in case there’s a repairing need for Parapet Wall, then the cracks are grounded and refilled with the Waterproofing Portland Cement, else Damaged Bricks are removed and replaced in the Parapet Wall. To reduce dust effect, Vacuum Suction is used. If the client requires, we also Wash Brick Mortar Joints after completion of work.

For maximized Waterproofing, we Re-Point & Repair Brick Mortar Joints by the help of Waterproofing Portland Cement i.e. mixed with Acryl-60 which works as Waterproofing & Bonding Agent or Brick Sealer. Regardless of the building size, all our projects of Brick Pointing come along with a 12 Year Warranty so our clients should not be worrying at least for a decade about Water Leakage Problems.

If you have found some cracks in the external walls or damaged bricks of your buildings, private houses, Condos, Offices, Brick Replacement is the solution to it.


Brick Replacement Process:

While taking care of the adjoining bricks which are well-shaped and undamaged, the broken bricks are removed from the area. New matching bricks are installed using Masonry Mortar Cement. We put our maximum efforts to match the new bricks’ color with the old bricks as well as with the building / house décor. If in case 100% match of colors becomes impossible, then we use the most closely possible match and get it approved and accepted by the Project Manager / Owner before Brick Installation / Brick Replacement Work takes place.


WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU WANT!!! Our services are available at very affordable prices. You only have to give us a call and get a Free of Cost Estimate. Not only this, we’ll not even charge you for consultation or site visit. Isn’t that Great?

For all your queries, our professionals are available; you just have to give us a Call. Phone consultations won’t cost you anything.

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